One purpose of the Folk Society is to provide opportunities for musical participation in Sonoma County.

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Photo of Murphy's Irish pub and link to the Jams and Dances page.

Jams & Dances

This page is a list of times, places and descriptions of various jams going on around Sonoma County. These are great places to take your instruments and/or your voice and join in. The places, times and styles of Sonoma County Dances are also listed on this page.

Photo of the band Dockside and link to the Bands and Musicians page.

Bands & Musicians

Sonoma County is home to a number of musicians and bands that are actively playing in the area. Most of them have CD's available and many have their own websites to which we have provided links.

Photo of Murphy's proprietors and link to the Venues page.


This is a page that lists and describes venues that, to the best of our knowledge, book bands and musicians to play on a regular basis. Our calendar page lists many of the scheduled performances at these venues and we provide links to available websites as well.

Photo of a guitar and link to the Links page.


The Links page has pathways to many websites we've found interesting in our real or virtural travels. These are friends, instrument builders, lyrics collections, folk music or dance groups, data bases about folk music and arts, and whatever else we thought would be of interest.