3 Acre Holler and The Familiar Strangers

The Familiar Strangers play an Americana grab bag of music from western swing to country, bluegrass, folk, blues and even a little bit of gypsy jazz! This acoustic trio (occasionally a quartet) is perfect for smaller venues (no drums) but they nevertheless generate a big response from audiences with their friendly banter and responsiveness to requests from audience members.

Candy Girard – fiddle, vocals & killer smile
Tim Sarter – bass, vocals & infectious friendliness
Kevin Russell – guitar, vocals & set list maker
Sean Allen –guitar, lap steel, vocals

3 Acre Holler is singer Cori Wood and singer/multi-instrumentalist Layne Bowen.

Based in Sonoma County, California, 3 Acre Holler derives its name from Cori’s family property in the redwoods near Forestville, CA.

Cori and Layne have played in a variety of bands together in northern California for a number of years and began their duet as a way to perform songs that didn’t quite fit the happy band mold.