Alice Di Micele

Alice Di Micele is an Americana/Folk Singer-Songwriter based in Southern Oregon. Her voice is rangy, sometimes soft and intimate, other times bold and brassy, evoking a distinct mood in every song she sings. Alice built a dedicated fan base as an independent musician with stirring live performances spanning a three-decade career. Her new album, Every Seed We Plant, is her sixteenth release, a snapshot of life in these times – gut-wrenching, hopeful, vulnerable, intense. Alice collaborated with producer Bret Levick, who co-produced, arranged, and co-wrote the first track on her new release, leading Alice’s music into new territory. Pop, jazz, and rock and roll undercurrents flow beneath folk bedrock on this record. Her long-time bassists, Rob Kohler and Damian Erskine, joined talented players Bret Levick, Skip Edwards, David Jacobs-Strain, Andy Thorn, Barry Phillips, Dean Angermeier, Bob Evoniuk, Mikey Stevens, Matthew Kriemelman, and Christo Pellani on this album. Alice recorded her vocals and guitar tracks at her Tiny Wonderland studio in Southern Oregon.

The title track, Every Seed We Plant, was inspired by Alice’s dear friend and elder of the Takelma Tribe, Agnes Baker Pilgrim. “It was written on the way to Grandma Aggie’s memorial. The song overtook me, flowed out of me like Grandma was there guiding me. I wrote it, played it once, then sang it that day for her family and friends.” The singles, Long Dry Winter and Alone, explore the grief, loss, and depression that many people experience these days. “I hope the songs remind folks to reach out and just simply be a presence for someone.” The new album balances the deeper emotional waters it treads with uplifting, lighter love songs like Free, and the fun, sparkly track, Sunrise. In 2017, while mixing her One With The Tide album, she bonded with Bret Levick over rock and roll idol Tom Petty, whose untimely death that year inspired Bret and Alice to start the band Petty Thievery. This deep dive into Petty songs influenced Alice’s songwriting, “Getting inside another songwriter’s head by playing so many of his songs has really opened me up in a new way.”