Megan McLaughlin

Megan McLaughlin of The Musers is an innovative guitar player, singer and songwriter. She has a powerful, clear voice, and sings like the love child of Joni Mitchell and David Crosby. Megan plays guitars in standard, DADGAD, DGDGBD, and CGDGCD tunings. Megan studied voice, composition, and theory in college, busked on the streets of Paris, and then studied guitar with Nina Gerber when love brought her to California in the 90’s. She produced three CD’s between 1995 – 2010,and four with The Musers. Since retiring from teaching Kindergarten in 2017, she has turned her attention to mandolin, woodshedding, and writing lots of songs. When not playing music, Megan is doing Ashtanga Yoga and booking The Musers.