Nina Gerber & Chris Webster w/The Bezhenar Sisters

Nina Gerber usually says little and lets her guitar do the talking. She is a not-so-underground legend. Her wide-ranging folk-country-jazz-blues stylings have backed dozens of performers on stage and record.” ~Oakland Tribune

Chris Webster is a Soul singer. Her voice conveys a passion that connects with the longings of her audience. She expresses sometimes-troubled feelings that everyone understands. her voice can be a compassionate balm to the troubled soul. Performing live, her intensity brings a hush to every room she plays.

The Bezhenar Sisters, Eleanor and Angelina Bezhenar, 17 and 16, are Ukrainian musicians.
At the age of 5, Eleanor performed a song in front of an audience for the first time. Together with Angelina, they studied vocals for 8 years at the Children’s School of Arts and Music in Odesa, Ukraine.
Angelina started taking private guitar lessons and really enjoyed playing the guitar. Eleanor learned to play piano and guitar and they formed their own duo and musical group, The Bezhenar Sisters.
They spent their childhood performing both classical and contemporary music, as well as singing Acappella. Eleanor can’t live a day without music. She loves composing and writing lyrics to songs.
Eleanor is studying music production at Santa Rosa Junior College and her future goal is to become a professional performer and music producer. Angelina is delighted with drawing, painting, graphic design, and photography. In the future, she wants to become a photographer and designer and enjoy playing music with Eleanor.