Songs for a Midsummer’s Eve with Holly Tannen & StoryWrens

Story Wrens
Playing the Celtic harp, whistle, guitar, fiddle and other folk instruments, the Story Wrens use songs to travel through time and tell stories of knights, maidens, sailors and other figures of the British Isles of centuries ago. Much of music is traditional, but it also includes compositions from texts of the 17th century, such as a song based on the 1615 narrative poem, Sir Eglamore and the Dragon.

Holly Tannen was given a dulcimer in 1964 for her 17th birthday, and adapted it to backing up southern mountain and Irish fiddle tunes. In 1973 she moved to England to learn old ballads from traditional singers. She studied Folklore with Alan Dundes at UC Berkeley, writing her thesis on the ballad of Tam Lin among Scotland’s Traveling People.Holly moved to Mendocino to teach anthropology and folklore at the College of the Redwoods. She now focuses on writing songs and teaching songwriting.