The Christmas Jug Band

News for 2023: …we have assembled a cast of characters to bring you your musical holiday wackiness featuring a return of some The Christmas Jug Band players that missed last year and some personnel from Back pOrchEstra and “The Hot Licks”, (from Dan Hick’s Holidaze in Hicksville) and Those Darn Accordions. Performing this year are Greg Dewey, Tim Eschliman, Paul Rogers, Snakebite Jacobs, Candy Girard, Paul Robinson, and Blake Richardson. This show includes mostly CJB tunes plus a good handful of Dan’s humorous holiday tunes, some of his other classics, and a few Back pOrchEstra ditties. Have you heard the single: “Christmas On The Moon!? Choose your music service: …also available on USB Music Card (w/ complete most recent album, “Live From the West Pole”) see First night of the tour… collect all 5! See also