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Walker Creek Sampler 150 150 SoCoFoSo

Walker Creek Sampler

By Bill Amatneek – As a teen, I attended a summer music camp. We played in duos, quartets, choirs and orchestras, attended classes in composition, singing, ear training, conducting, and music theory, and took one-on-one lessons. We even sang art songs, including the 1826 Franz Schubert hit that begins “Who Is Silvia? What is she?”…

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Remembering Gil 150 150 SoCoFoSo

Remembering Gil

By John Knutson – When I was a young man, about the age of twenty, in the early 1970s, I was living in the Haight Ashbury, about a block from Faith Petric and her much loved folk jams. I was also a street artist producing sterling silver/gemstone jewelry for a living.  One day when I…

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Jamming Grandpa! 1000 1000 Steven Radice

Jamming Grandpa!

Beware! 1000 1000 Steven Radice




By Steve Gilford – At Yale, I was part of a student group made up of people who were passionate about traditional music. We formed a group with an unusual goal – to put on concerts in Yale’s 2400 seat Woolsey Hall auditorium that we rented, and to make money on them.  We had performers…

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What kind of people?!?! 515 775 Steven Radice

What kind of people?!?!

Folk Notes Archive 2008 – 2018 147 173 SoCoFoSo

Folk Notes Archive 2008 – 2018

Folk Notes Archive

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