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Where do these articles come from?

Folk Notes articles come from our members, SoCoFoSo board members, and from other folks in the community.

Articles of interest might include such topics as:

  • Paragraph about an upcoming house concert you’re hosting
  • An artist profile, especially someone local
  • CD/music review (folk, Americana, blues, etc.)
  • Personal experience you’ve had with folk music/musicians
  • Memories of attending a Music Camp
  • Tips on instrument care
  • Your favorite local music venue
  • Obituary or memories of a local musician
  • Comparing brands of musical instruments or types of gear
  • Musings about a jam you’ve been in
  • Memories of SoCoFoSo events in the “old days”
  • Why a particular festival is your favorite
  • Original artwork or cartoons or jokes related to music
  • Helpful words from a local luthier
  • Your first guitar, and the evolution to the one you’re playing now

Submit items to Janet at

Know that some editing may be done on your submission, due to grammar, spelling and space limitations.

Video Submission Guidelines

Video must be either:

  • Featuring local musicians
  • Local music events
  • Music lessons or instructional videos by Folk Society Members
  • Please send You Tube link

Send Video Submissions to

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