Crooked Holler String Band

Traditional String Band

Crooked Holler String Band has a unique approach to the style of music we play. Old Time for sure but we like to think of ourselves as a transitional string band. If a song seems like it would fit with our sound, whether it comes from The Stanley Brothers, Bill Monroe or Maybelle Carter or The Skillet Lickers (or anywhere in between), we’ll try it out and if we like it, it goes in the repertoire. And that’s in addition to our original tunes.
“A very enjoyable band and lots of fun to listen to…”

Contact Chris: 707-774-1302

Cedar Mountain String Band


Singer/Songwriter Gary Sugiyama (whose name translates to cedar mountain) had been playing solo for a longtime when he decided to pull together some of the best musicians to accompany him and form a band, They all have input into what songs they’d like to perform; consequently their repertoire of songs are vast – from old-time folk to golden oldies, to country, to original tunes.

Gary Sugiyama plays lead guitar and ukulele, sings and has written many of their songs. His wife, Becky Brendlin Sugiyama plays ukulele and sings. The husband and wife team are also in two other local bands – Maile Swing Hawaiian and Bohemian Ukulele. Gary Keller McDonald plays ukulele and sings, and Frank Blount rounds out the group with his rhythmic bass. Everyone sings and takes leads.

Contact Gary at: 707-321-7763

You can find us on Facebook

Taylor Mountain String Band


If you like great harmonies and tasty instrumental licks, then Taylor Mountain String Band is a group of seasoned singers and multi-instrumental musicians, playing acoustic roots to western styles and are quite danceable.
Jim Wagner – vocals, dobro, bass, and guitar
Alice Fitzwater on fiddle and vocals
Sheridan Malone on bass, guitar, ukulele, and vocals
Marc Dwaileebe on mandolin, fiddle, and guitar, and penny whistle
Dave Carlson on banjo, guitar and vocals.

For inquiries, contact Sheridan at (434) 249-4416 and email

Rosie and the Railroaders

They have two passions: fast trains and good music

They are dedicated to playing first class traditional music while rekindling an interest in trains – one of the best forms of transportation ever invented. These singing train enthusiasts of the West will entertain you with some of their favorite train songs and stories, and hope to inspire you to ride a train! From the many hundreds of American songs about trains, they’ve picked their favorites and perform them – bluegrass, country, or oldtime style. They are prepared to entertain any audience, including the younger set.
Personnel: Ingrid “Rosie” Noyes, Paul Knight, Paul Herzoff, Danny Carnahan, Jon Mitguard
Instrumentation: Vocals, guitar, banjo, fiddle, harmonica, dobro, steel guitar, accordion, and stand-up bass (in various configurations).

Erik Thor and Hands Four

Barn Dance Band (barn optional!)

Specializing in dances at events (weddings, community centers, schools, etc) where some fun, participatory entertainment is needed. This is a great way for people to socialize and have fun together, and no experience or dance partners are necessary–anyone who can follow directions can participate in this enjoyable social tradition.
Erik Hoffman calls the dances and plays fiddle, and is one of the most well-loved dance callers in the Bay Area and beyond; Michael Harmon plays guitar; and Ingrid Noyes alternates between banjo and accordion. Their music is lively and will have you up out of your chair and onto the dance floor in no time (or even just tapping your toes and smiling while you watch!).


Genre-agnostic acoustic trio

Backstory, a genre-agnostic acoustic trio, brings stellar singing, creamy harmonies, and ultra-tasty picking to a remarkable collection of songs from the past 100 years. You’ll hear swing (both Western and jazzy), modern folk, bluegrass, and classic country music, Backstory is Cary Black (bass, vocals), Raul Reynoso (guitar, mandolin, vocals), and Sara Winge (guitar, vocals).


3 Acre Holler

3 Acre Holler is singer Cori Wood and singer/multi-instrumentalist Layne Bowen

They are drawn to Appalachian inspired material and particularly like those songs with darker themes. Unrequited love, moonshine, tragedy and death are frequent visitors to their song list. In addition to their own songs, Cori and Layne give their take on songs by contemporary writers such as Gillian Welch, Martha Scanlon, The O’Kanes, Casey Chambers and guys named Hank. They do like to sing a few happy songs about love, birds and butterflies as well, so don’t worry about leaving one of their gigs in a mopey mood. Instead, you will likely leave their gig with respect for the talent and material they present and possibly with a copy of their new cd in your hand!

Additional band members are: Paul Shelasky – fiddle,mandolin / Cary Black – bass / Michael Capella – dobro

Can work as a two, three, four or five piece band depending on cost and occasion.


The Musers

"Free Range Folk"

Their original “Free Range Folk” spans a variety of acoustic styles including Bluegrass, Swing, Blues, Rock, Gospel, Irish, and Appalachian; all served up with verve and heart. Their foot-stomping, high energy performances are punctuated by laughter, dancing feet, and infectious grooves.

Check out their VIDEO



The Familiar Strangers Trio/Quartet

The Familiar Strangers Trio/Quartet play an Americana grab bag of music from western swing to country, bluegrass, folk, blues and even a little bit of gypsy jazz! The band recently celebrated their first recorded project, Masqurade 2020, which is already garnering critical success.
In addition to the smaller trio/quartet, the Strangers can also work as a full on band for larger venues or shows that emphasize party, dance music.
Candy Girard – fiddle and vocals Tim Sater – bass & vocals Kevin Russell – guitar & vocals And our occasional Strangers Joe Craven – mandolin, vocals and percussion Sean Allen – lap steel guitar, standard guitar, vocals Tim Gahagan – drums, percussion



CW Bayer

Honky Tonk

Naming what I do is always a struggle because the original name—jazz—was co-opted long ago. Honky tonk was also co-opted about the same time but I prefer that title. I’ve written a lot of folk style/cowboy songs and I also play a lot of old time banjo.

Swing Fling

Swing Fling plays music ranging from American songbook standards to Django Reinhardt inspired jazz manouche. The lively quartet features keyboards, bass, mandolin, and guitar, along with 2-, 3-, and 4-part vocal harmonies. Just a swinging good time for everybody!

Check out a short video mix HERE


More Joy

Folk Music With Friends

More Joy’s folk music and storytelling with a Prairie Home Companion flavor will lift the spirits of any listening audience. The band’s repertoire includes cover songs from such artists as Bob Dylan, Dixie Chicks, Red Molly, Joan Baez, Holly Near and Loggins & Messina…along with social justice songs, a little gospel, yodeling infused with Texas humor.



Bloomfield Bluegrass Band


Sonoma County Homegrown. VOTED BEST NORTH BAY ACOUSTIC BAND 2018 and BEST NORTH BAY COUNTRY BAND 2021 and 2022 (Bohemian Magazine). Upbeat, danceable, fun!

(707) 484-8863