Mark Hogan

Beginning Banjo
(707) 823-7664 or (707) 829-8012
Sebastopol, at People’s Music

Electric Bass, Guitar, String Bass

John Knutson

Guitar & Bass (upright & electric)
Blues/Jazz transition, and Country styles
(707) 887-2709
[email protected]

Ukulele, Voice/Vocals

Sheridan Malone

Discover your core vocal sound, and increase range and resonance without strain.
Ukulele beyond strumming: Chord melodies, Double stop licks and fills, and duets.
Lessons in person in Santa Rosa or by Zoom.
(434) 249-4416
[email protected]


Chris Carney

Old Time Fiddle Instruction
(707) 774-1302

String Bass

Bill Amatneek

Bill Amatneek
(707) 824-8084


Nyla Blair

Let’s Sing!!! Kids, Grown-ups, dogs… (just kidding on that last one) Individual or Groups.  I teach songs
(707) 545-2669
Santa Rosa

Music Theory, Piano


Lessons at your location: note reading, theory, piano instruction for all ages.
(707) 490-4173

Fiddle, Mandolin

David Garelick

All levels, Old Time, Bluegrass, Cajun, Western Swing, Italian and Brazilian Mandolin, Klezmer.
(707) 526-7763
[email protected]
Santa Rosa


Janette Duncan

Contra and Square dance styles, Celtic, Scandia and other international styles by ear and reading with music theory.
(707) 570-2745

Celtic Harp

Jewel Shield

Celtic Harp & Holistic Music Lessons
(707) 595-0001
All ages/levels.  Over 35 years exp. Traditional Celtic, Scandinavian, ethnic folk, Improvisation & Composition.

Autoharp, Banjo, Dulcimer

Steve Wharton

Bluegrass Banjo, Old Time Banjo, Dulcimer, Autoharp
(707) 887-2518

Banjo, Electric Bass, Fiddle, Guitar, Mandolin

Michael Stadler

Guitar (alternate tunings, flat pick, fingerstyle, clawhammer)
Mandolin, Clawhammer banjo, Fiddle, Electric Bass, and ensemble considerations for group playing.
Country, old time, bluegrass, swing, folk, etc.
(510) 220-6432
[email protected]
Santa Rosa

Banjo, Guitar

Ingrid Noyes

Guitar, Old Time Banjo
[email protected]
I live in Fort Bragg, but visit the North Bay often. Also can do Zoom lessons.

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