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Legendary Folksinger and Storyteller Adam Miller performs 1163 1000 SoCoFoSo

Legendary Folksinger and Storyteller Adam Miller performs

News release 11/13/19 – Traditional Folksongs of the Winter Holidays – A local favorite, folksinger and storyteller Adam Miller returns to the Sonoma County Library to perform five free sing-along concerts of Traditional Folksongs of the Winter Holidays. This popular, multi-cultural sing-along program features traditional holiday folksongs from an American English-speaking folk tradition. Well-known (and…

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Kate Wolf had a Sonoma County kind of sound 646 1000 SoCoFoSo

Kate Wolf had a Sonoma County kind of sound

By Gaye LeBaron of Press Democrat on 10/12/19 – Just the mention of his name can create a national audience for Ken Burns’ documentaries. His recent “Country Music” series was a classic example. As expected, last month’s eight-part documentary was — as they said back in the day — “a trip.” He took viewers through…

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Mariachi Juniors 485 331 SoCoFoSo

Mariachi Juniors

By Steve Gilford – For more than a half dozen years, Jam Nation has been performing for performing at assisted living homes, Alzheimer residential care units and retirement communities in Sonoma County. Our band has donated the payments we receive to support student music programs. Last year several of our members attended an end of…

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Remembering TAYLOR FINLAY SoCoFoSo member for over 35 years! 395 510 SoCoFoSo

Remembering TAYLOR FINLAY SoCoFoSo member for over 35 years!

By Doug Dempster – 1924-2019 – “He always had a smile on his face,” said Dick Tracy upon hearing of the death of his friend and former work colleague, Taylor Finlay. That was the near universal reaction from those who knew Tay as musician, friend, mentor, co-worker, intellectual. Others mentioned generosity of spirit, kindness, acceptance,…

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Steve Hogle 750 1000 SoCoFoSo

Steve Hogle

Steve Hogle has been involved in bluegrass music in California since before there was a California Bluegrass Association.  Steve is one of the original signatories on the petition that Carl Pagter (CBA #1) was passing around in 1975 on the way to filing the paperwork necessary to form the CBA. His membership number is 39.…

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Jam Session 897 960 Steven Radice

Jam Session

Pickin’ 743 960 Steven Radice


Walker Creek Sampler 150 150 SoCoFoSo

Walker Creek Sampler

By Bill Amatneek – As a teen, I attended a summer music camp. We played in duos, quartets, choirs and orchestras, attended classes in composition, singing, ear training, conducting, and music theory, and took one-on-one lessons. We even sang art songs, including the 1826 Franz Schubert hit that begins “Who Is Silvia? What is she?”…

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Remembering Gil 150 150 SoCoFoSo

Remembering Gil

By John Knutson – When I was a young man, about the age of twenty, in the early 1970s, I was living in the Haight Ashbury, about a block from Faith Petric and her much loved folk jams. I was also a street artist producing sterling silver/gemstone jewelry for a living.  One day when I…

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Walker Creek Music Camp
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