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Mariachi Juniors

Mariachi Juniors 485 331 SoCoFoSo

By Steve Gilford – For more than a half dozen years, Jam Nation has been performing for performing at assisted living homes, Alzheimer residential care units and retirement communities in…

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Remembering TAYLOR FINLAY SoCoFoSo member for over 35 years!

Remembering TAYLOR FINLAY SoCoFoSo member for over 35 years! 395 510 SoCoFoSo

By Doug Dempster – 1924-2019 – “He always had a smile on his face,” said Dick Tracy upon hearing of the death of his friend and former work colleague, Taylor…

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Steve Hogle

Steve Hogle 750 1000 SoCoFoSo

Steve Hogle has been involved in bluegrass music in California since before there was a California Bluegrass Association.  Steve is one of the original signatories on the petition that Carl…

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Walker Creek Sampler

Walker Creek Sampler 150 150 SoCoFoSo

By Bill Amatneek – As a teen, I attended a summer music camp. We played in duos, quartets, choirs and orchestras, attended classes in composition, singing, ear training, conducting, and…

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Remembering Gil

Remembering Gil 150 150 SoCoFoSo

By John Knutson – When I was a young man, about the age of twenty, in the early 1970s, I was living in the Haight Ashbury, about a block from…

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By Steve Gilford – At Yale, I was part of a student group made up of people who were passionate about traditional music. We formed a group with an unusual…

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Folk Notes Archive 2008 – 2018

Folk Notes Archive 2008 – 2018 147 173 SoCoFoSo

Folk Notes Archive

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