3 Acre Holler

3Acre Holler is singer Cori Wood and singer/multi-instrumentalist Layne Bowen. Based in Sonoma County, California, 3 Acre Holler derives it’s name from Cori’s family property near Forestville, CA. Cori and Layne have played in a variety of bands together in northern California for a number of years and began their duet as a way to perform songs that didn’t quite fit the happy band mold. They are drawn to Appalachian inspired material and particularly like those songs with darker themes. Unrequited love, moonshine, tragedy and death are frequent visitors to their song list. In addition to their own songs, Cori and Layne give their take on songs by contemporary writers such as Gillian Welch, Martha Scanlon, The O’Kanes, Casey Chambers and guys named Hank. They do like to sing a few happy songs about love, birds and butterflies as well, so don’t worry about leaving one of their gigs in a mopey mood. Instead, you will likely leave their gig with respect for the talent and material they present and possibly with a copy of their new cd in your hand!