Folk Notes

Letter from the President

March 20, 2024

I want to touch base with you all on two topics.
First, I thank everyone who has ever volunteered, played at, or otherwise helped out at the Sonoma County Bluegrass & Folk Festival. This past festival will be my last as event director. I am hoping that someone or some organization picks the event up. It has lasted well beyond my initial expectations back in 2001.
In addition to the Folk Society, I would also like to thank the California Bluegrass Association and the Sebastopol Community Cultural Center whose support made the event possible.
Second, as you may already have heard, the Sonoma County Folk Society is expanding the number of directors on its board from five to seven. We would like to fill the seats soon, as there is much we hope to begin and accomplish.
For those interested in serving on the board, being a current Society member with knowledge of folk music is important. Previous board experience, while helpful, is not mandatory. Ask yourself what skills you can bring to the organization. Do you have a law, teaching, or accounting background? Have you experience in event production and publicity, especially on the web? Might you have development experience, particularly as applied to non-profit organizations?
Most important, do you have time in your life to devote to the position and a willingness to work with others on the board?
If this kind of effort appeals to you, please contact the Sonoma County Folk Society at
Thank you.
Mark Hogan

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