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West Coast Songwriters looking for manager

March 5, 2022

Volunteer position for local person to host West Coast Songwriters at The Lost Church.

West Coast Songwriters Santa Rosa Chapter Manager
This position is managing the Santa Rosa chapter (“Chapter”) of the
West Coast Songwriters (“WCS”) organization and the candidate should
be geographically located within a reasonable distance of Santa Rosa,
CA in order to conduct monthly song competitions at a local
establishment within the Santa Rosa geographic area.
WCS envisions a cultural and musical community where managers and
members feel welcome, valued and respected. The Santa Rosa Chapter
Manager (“Manager”) serves as a local representative of WCS and
provides local expertise, strategic advice, recommendations and
feedback to the WCS Director (“Director”)
Specific assignments for the Manager assigned to this position will vary
depending upon the needs of the WCS in Santa Rosa and the strengths
of the candidate. The Manager works closely with the Director, WCS
managers in other geographic areas, and a variety of other musical
stakeholders (e.g., performance venues, local music representatives,
local songwriters, etc.) to ensure WCS brand recognition and support,
and develop and leverage relationships to assist WCS achieve its
business objectives.
Major Duties
Establish and maintain monthly song competitions (when in-person
activity resumes) including locating an in-person venue to hold
competitions, securing musical professionals to evaluate member’s
songs, lead the interaction between the members and other musical
stakeholders and judges, and work with the Director to recognize and
award winners of the competitions.
Develop, coordinate and leverage internal and external relationships
between WCS and its members, to help WCS achieve its’ business
objectives. In this capacity, the Manager is responsible for developing
and maintaining a relationship with local music professionals and
organizations, and acting as a local expert on the WCS mission,
strategic direction, and needs.

Contact Michele Kappel, Operations Director:




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